Documentary about author & visionary Ray Kurzweil. After the end credits, there are another eight or so minutes of Ray answering additional interview questions.

1) 11:42 Ray discusses the expansion of our neocortex into the cloud.

2) 13:33 What are the limits to the exponential acceleration of information technology?

3) 14:27 Ray comments on the downside to advanced A.I. technology.

4) 15:08 One of his health books, ‘Fantastic Voyage’, is subtitled ‘Live Long Enough To Live Forever.’ Ray elaborates on living forever.

5) 16:03 Ray describes an important biotechnology tipping point which will occur in 10-15 years.

6) 16:44 Ray was appointed Google’s Director of Engineering in 2012. He explains what projects he & his team @Google are working on.

7) 18:21 I ask Ray, of his many inventions & achievements, what is he the most proud of?

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