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Transcendent Man – Ray Kurzweil

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Ray Kurzweil is moeilijk in één kwalificatie te typeren: hij is uitvinder, schrijver, futurist en zakenman. Maar bovenal is deze gedreven Amerikaan bekend als prediker van de Singulariteit -- grofweg samengevat het mo...

The Singularity 101 – Ben Goertzel

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Dr Goertzel speaks about the Singularity, what it is, road maps, the risks and the benefits etc. Ben Goertzel is AI-specialist en visionair.

Are We Building Gods or Terminators? – Hugo de Garis

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Hugo de Garis is the past director of the Artificial Brain Lab (ABL) at Xiamen University in China. Best known for his doomsday book The Artilect War, Dr. de Garis has always been on my wish-list of future guests on S...

Utopia in Exile – David Brin

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Singularity- / AI-visie: vanaf 26:39 David's main thread: how will we shape the days and years ahead -- and how will tomorrow shape us? David Brin is a scientist, best-selling author and tech-futurist.

Human v2.0

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There is a moment in the near future that scientist believe will transform the notion on WHAT it is to be HUMAN.

A Non-Trivial Pursuit of Happiness – Paradise Engineering with David Pearce

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Imagine that the best experience possible - and imagine that it would be lower than tomorrows floor. It may be that our decedents will have the chance to re-engineer themselves to be able to experience well-being f...

David Pearce – H. G. Wells Utopia

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Intuitively, one might indeed suppose that lifelong bliss would make us weak. Contrast, for instance, the Eloi with the Morlocks in H.G. Well's The Time Machine. In practice, the opposite is true. "That which does not...

Our Final Invention – James Barrat

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Singularity 1 on 1: James Barrat on Our Final Invention For 20 years James Barrat has created documentary films for National Geographic, the BBC, Discovery Channel, History Channel and public television. In 2000, d...

Panel: Hugo de Garis, Ben Goertzel, Steve Omohundro – Transcendent Man Premiere

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This was filmed at Nova Cinema at the Transcendent Man premiere in Australia, the night before the Singularity Summit Australia. There was an adhoc poll on the issue of Species Dominance. - Melbourne Australia ...

Ray Kurzweil – Futurist

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Ray Kurzweil is a 21st century polymath. He is a scientist, inventor, entrepreneur, author, visionary and futurist. As a scientist and inventor he has pioneered work in optical character recognition (OCR), speech reco...

Geschiedenis Silicon Valley 3 – Alexander Klöpping, DWDD University

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Internetjournalist Alexander Klöpping reisde naar Silicon Valley en doceert over z'n bevindingen in het mekka van de IT industrie. Aandacht voor de toekomst van de digitale wereld en ons moderne leven.

Philosophy and the Matrix – Return to the Source (Full Documentary)

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"The Matrix is an Awakening film for humanity, a new undulated experience to understand nature and universal laws about Freewill, Divine Love, and Choices through philosophical message. We return to the source where l...

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